American Historical Association Travel Grant, 2019

Gulf Coast Prize for Fiction; For “The Last Dragoman” (selected from over 300 entries); Judges: Gulf Coast Journal Editors; Final Judge: Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, 2015

National Science Foundation Travel Grant, 2014

Coler-Goldwater Hospital Writing Workshop Fellowship, Roosevelt Island, NY, 2013-2014 Scholarship, Slice Literary Writers’ Conference, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, 2013

Philip Cannistraro Award for Italian History, CUNY Graduate Center, 2011

Notable Story, Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest; For: “Damn Lucky Sometimes”(selected from almost 1,000 entries); 2011

Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction; For “Beggars and Thieves” (selected from 474 entries); Judges: Nimrod Editors; Final Judge: Amy Bloom, 2011

Randolph L. Braham Dissertation Fellowship for Eastern European History and Holocaust Studies, CUNY Graduate Center, 2010-2011

Doctoral Research Grant, CUNY Graduate Center, 2010

University Fellowship, CUNY Graduate Center, 2007-2009

National Science Foundation Travel Grant, 2006

Davis Merit Prize, Princeton University, 2004-2006

University of Chicago Century Scholarship (declined), 2004

Winner, Literary Contest, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, 2000  Judges: Meridian Editors

Dean’s Fellowship, University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1999-2000

Open Society Foundations Travel Grant, Imperial Cancer Research Foundation, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK, 1996