“It is no doubt a pleasant thing to have a library left to you.  The present writer will disclaim no such legacy, but hereby undertakes to accept it, however dusty.  But good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one.” (Augustine Birrell, “Obiter dicta,” 1885)

Two Romanian public institutions bear my the name of my father, writer Stefan Banulescu (1926-1998): the Ialomita County Library (Biblioteca Judeteana Ialomita “Stefan Banulescu”) and the Technical College of Calarasi (Liceul Pedagogic Calarasi “Stefan Banulescu”).  To learn about my literary executor activity on behalf of my father, visit his author website at https://stefanbanulescu.org/

My mother Mihaela Guga (1943-1999) was a scholar of classical Chinese, see Antologia poeziei chineze clasice: poezie cantata Ti (Bucuresti: Univers, 1980, anthology and translation by Li Yu-Giu, introduction by Mihaela Guga).  I was also influenced in my choice of career by my grandparents, pharmacists Aurel Guga (1914-1980) and Lina Baicu (1914-2000).