OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Firstprize-winning-author Sultana Banulescu’s ‘Beggars and Thieves’ is a stylistic whirlwind that melds history (Revolution and revolution), and the immediate catastrophic earthquake in Bucharest with Byzantium and Transylvania, and still alludes to a future that will be saved by imagination and the very books that tumble from the sky creating an aftershock, not only of March 4, 1977, but of the mysterious numbers 55-22-64 and the poetry that feeds the soul.”

Francine Ringold, Oklahoma Poet Laureate, Nimrod Senior Advisory Editor

“Charming story.”

Yevgeny Yevtushenko (1933-2017), Soviet Poet, International Contrarian

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Every year, Nimrod awards the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction and the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry; Amy Bloom and Linda Pastan were the 2011 judges for these respective prizes, and the results are breathtaking.  Even the non-prizewinners are winners, offering evidence of our survival beyond time, in language that sings the essence of temporal humanness.

… Sultana Banulescu’s story, ‘Beggars and Thieves’ is a re-creation of the Bucharest earthquake of March 4, 1977.  It earns its first prize, giving the reader distinctly-drawn, unique characters caught in their own mini-apocalypse when the tremors begin.”

Julie J. Nichols, Associate Professor of English & Literature (Utah Valley University), New Pages Reviewer

To read “Beggars and Thieves,” order Nimrod Journal‘s Awards 33 Issue (Vol. 55, No. 1, Fall/Winter 2011) here